Our Packages

Package 1: Aerial Drone Video & Stills (30 second video with music bed, 5 – 10 High Res Stills) – $199

1 hour on site
Aerial video and still footage of property and some of surrounding neighborhood
Graphics (including property address, listing price, features, etc.)
Color-graded footage

Gives potential buyers a taste of the property and surrounding neighborhood

Package 2:  Aerial Drone Video & Stills plus Ground Level External Stills/Video Shots (up to 60 second video with music bed, 10 – 15 High Res Stills) – $299

Includes Package 1, plus: 

1.5 hours on site
Ground-level exterior video/still shots of property.

Gives potential buyers an arm’s length look and feel of the property

Package 3: Aerial & External Video/Stills plus Interior Stills/Video Tour of Property (90 seconds to 2 minute video with music bed, 15 – 20 High Res Stills ) – $399

Package 2, plus:

2 hours on site
Interior Stills/Videos of all rooms
Walking Tour of Interior

Takes the potential buyer inside, giving them a great sense of the living space of the property  

Deluxe Package: Aerial, External and Interior Video/Stills PLUS an on camera interview/pitch with the realtor (2 to 3 minutes video with music bed and interview, 15 – 20 High Res Stills) – $549

Package 3, plus: 

Interview with Realtor giving pitch and/or virtual tour of the property

This package adds the human touch. It allows the realtor to talk directly to potential buyers about the property, and establishes a level of trust that can only be conveyed by a person 

*4K at additional cost